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  1. Select a Country you wish to Call and MasterBell will select cards for you with the Best Rates!
  2. Buy the cards securely Online!
  3. You receive a PIN and Calling instructions Instantly on your screen and to your email address.

Do you want telephone calls to be inexpensive, comfortable, and reliable? Then use our telephone cards! You will be able to make a call from your home, office, mobile phone or any other public phone to any country or US state

- for the lowest price.

You can find detailed information on all telephone cards in "Help" section

We are a distributor of the phone cards, not a manufacturer. We observe the phone market to find communication companies that provide the most advantageous rates and quality of service. Having considered a great variety of cards, we offer you the following: card list

Û Telephone cards are

  1. Comfortable to buy and easy to use: you will never need to spend your time looking for a place to buy a card; buy the card on the Internet from the comfort of your home - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  2. Economical: high quality of connection with the lowest rates. We are looking for companies that provide the most advantageous rates and the highest quality of service.
  3. Fast and simple: make a call from anywhere anytime.
  4. Worthy: no additional costs! You pay only for the card and just make a call.
  5. Comprehensible: information about the cards is presented in English and Russian. Some cards have prompt available in Russian, English, Chinese or Polish languages.